*If interested in personal training, all new clients must first schedule an initial Health & Fitness Review.
Status: Currently accepting/waitlisting online & in-person clients 
Current Location for in-person training: Central Florida (Ormond Beach to Orlando)
About Personal Training with True Health Trifecta Holistic Fitness, 2013

Get strong and lose fat without losing your curves!

If you have gone on with a hamster-on-the-treadmill routine or think that hours of cardio is the only way to get the fit and healthy body you want, think again.

What if I told you that the best way to reshape your entire body is NOT spending hours on a cardio machine at the gym? Unless you want a physique that represents a deflated balloon (and weight loss that is harder to sustain), then proper strength training is essential. Not to mention, it will help you stand up straighter, increase your metabolism while you’re resting or sleeping, build your confidence, and potentially change your life.

It’s true that genetics load the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger. Yes, that even goes for having a flat vs. perky booty.

Don’t listen when you hear there is nothing you can do about improving “that area” without some kind of invasive surgery or other unnatural means. As you can see from these client testimonials, noticeable results are achievable with the right plan and coaching.

By implementing customized strength-training routines with strategic nutrition, we will ensure your success towards your personal goals. With over ten years’ experience in numerous different training styles, culinary knowledge, and nutritional expertise, I will work with you to remove personal struggles and achieve optimal health and fitness. This isn’t just showing someone how to do a few workouts and weigh less; this is heart-centered coaching that is compassionately tough and transforming.

I am especially knowledgeable and experienced with helping clients who struggle with hormonal imbalances, hypothyroidism, PCOS, insulin-sensitivity, digestive issues, low back pain, and menopausal symptoms to where they not only look great, but feel even better with normalizing hormonal levels and even less (or completely off) medications.

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Lose fat, gain muscle, and improve yourself from the inside out. You deserve the health, fitness, and body you envision. Don’t be scared to lift heavy weights. Get out of your plateau and feel better, stronger, and supported.

I understand that constant learning of both old and new approaches is important to ensure my clients’ receive the best information to suit their specific needs. The following list includes a brief handful of the practices and protocols that I have specialized in, am knowledgeable of, and regularly utilize:

* Compound Strength Training
* Mass Building and/or Fat Loss
* Posture & Alignment Correction and Back Pain Relief (Egoscue Method, Gokhale Method)
* Strategic Nutrition (Flexible Dieting)
* Mind Muscle Physiology
* Metabolic, High-Intensity, and Body-Weight Workouts
* Dietary Specifications (allergies and eating styles such as paleo, vegan, primal, ESE, 80/10/10, carb-cycling, IIFYM, gluten intolerance, competition diets, intermittent fasting, intuitive eating, volumetric nutrition, etc.)
* Functional Strength Training
* Posterior Chain Strengthening (Foundation Training principles)
* Energy Therapy (EFT or “tapping”)
* Metabolic Effect principles and protocols
* Precision Nutrition principles and practices
* Institute for the Psychology of Eating principles and practices
* Yuen Energy Method/Muscle-Testing
* Intuitive Coaching

I am focused on understanding you as not only a client, but a friend.

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I love what I do and who I do it with. I believe in the power of energy, effort, and everything goal-oriented. My mission is to share this passion and knowledge with you so that you can get where you want and deserve to be.


Jasmin trains clients in person at select locations in ORLANDO, FLORIDA.

Orlando Locations for personal training include Paseo at Winter Park Village (for residents), The Gallery at Mills Park (for residents), and select home clients. For those without personal gym access, Jasmin trains exclusively within Anytime Fitness*, the best 24-hour health club located in the heart of Winter Park, FL.

*A separate membership to Anytime Fitness is not necessary in order to train at this location

Clients include those from all walks of life seeking personalized, accountable, and reliable fitness coaching such as busy, traveling professionals, business owners, Rollins College students and alumni, full-time parents, high school students, retirees, former or current athletes, and more.

Jasmin also works with select online clients all over the world via Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime.

contact US HERE to inquire about current personal training availability or to be added to the waiting list. *all new clients must first schedule an initial health & fitness consultation.

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Are you seeking help to reach your goals, but not currently in the market for personal training? Check out these self-sustaining resources created for you to support your progress and success: